Vote and Support People's Candidate, Ashish

This is the time, if you believe in improving Santa clara District Schools and for long term growth of our neigbhourhood, Support Ashish with a Donation.

To this end we must raise money to mail important election information to the Voters in support of Ashish. He can help our district and our future, the children only with your generous help.

Ashish believes that political candidates' funding should come from supporters, not from their own wallets, and so has pledged not to use his own money to finance his campaign.

If you believe that Ashish has the vision, fortitude along with education needed for 21st century's technological growth , the passion, the fairness, the compassion, and the dedication to make our school better, then please vote and support Ashish's campaign by whatever means, by donating or helping spread word that an activist candidate has emerged and is on ballot for school board on November 6th Election this year.

While the larger your donation the more it will help, any amount is appreciated. Even if you are immigrant, but you have long term stake in our district's future, schools, children, please donot hesitate to donate any amount to campaign fund "Ashish for School Board". So donations could come in from people all over the United States, of all ages, and from all walks of life, who believe that every American child deserves a great education, and deserve support from people all over, not just their own community. I know all of us share this common passion for education, and conviction that a solid education is the key to success in our society, and has a core belief that access to great public schools is the birth-right of all Americans.
So, whether you live in Santa Clara or elsewhere, whether you have school-age kids or you don't, please consider making a donation to "Ashish For School Board" so that you can help Ashish realize your dream, infact everybody's dream of making a difference.

Mail any Contribution and donate to: Ashish For School Board, 2875 Warburton Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95051